A New Era of Resident Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the harmful nature of social isolation but it has also shown us the unsung heroes who are the activity, life enrichment and resident engagement leaders. Our industry would be lost without them. As we continue to innovate, it is time to enable the social prescription model to make sure our elders are able to live the life they want and deserve.

There are several ways that we can work together in our communities to get as close as we can to meaningfully engaging 100% of our residents every day:

  • Find Creative Ways to Encourage Residents to Spend Time Outside of their Rooms
  • Embrace the Power of Interdisciplinary Approaches to Engagement
  • Invest in Technology that Increases Efficiency around Non-Engagement Activities

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About Linked Senior

Our mission is to enhance life in senior living. We support person-centered care through life enrichment and dementia engagement using simple technology and non drug therapy. Learn more or connect with our team to learn how Linked Senior is a cost effective, ROI-centered service that improves outcomes, helps increase compliance, boosts staff empowerment, lowers turnover and increases job satisfaction and revenue. Get In Touch