Webinar Overview

Resident engagement has become a core business senior living priority, is foundational to person-centered care and has been shown to be effective for decades and yet remains the least managed side of our senior living operations. Asked about how they manage life enrichment, 90%+ of senior living professionals will describe a person-centered approach that uses the Wellness model and a passionate team of professionals – but will lack evidence on business processes to improve, data to measure and manage and an organization wide framework to advance resident engagement.

This session will provide nationwide benchmarks, showcase easy to implement tools such as the SWOT framework, the newly developed Elder Engagement Performance Index (EEPI) and lessons from the trenches on how providers may shift the paradigm to improve resident engagement, maximize quality of life and finally get credit for life enrichment from other departments, as well as existing and prospective family members.


What you will take away from this webinar:

  • Understand the current state of resident engagement, its challenges and how to optimize the experience provided to Elders
  • Apply evidence-based business and resident engagement frameworks that will optimize life enrichment within 45 days including the newly designed 85/35 rule of resident engagement
  • Shift the paradigm for ever and enable the path to the social prescription model

1 free NAB, NCCAP, NCCDP and/or NCTRC CEU for those who attend the live event

Industry Expert Speaker
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Charles de Vilmorin

CEO & Co-Founder, Linked Senior


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