Webinar Overview

This event focuses on building diversity in senior living organizations. The first step in a journey of inclusion and belonging is pivoting to welcoming that diversity when it arrives. Inclusion and belonging only manifests when diversity is welcomed openly and authentically and people with different perspectives are allowed a safe space to be themselves and feel sincerely included. This approach can increase employee satisfaction and retention which can, in turn, improve resident engagement so that older adults are able to live with purpose each day.

Attendees who join the webinar will be able to:

  • Understand the many facets of diversity through examination of the Diversity Wheel and how this improves resident engagement.
  • Understand the difference between inviting diversity and welcoming diversity and how the difference increases employee satisfaction, ensures staff retention and improves occupancy.
  • Learn how inclusion in senior living is an additive action that can be boundless while exclusion limits possibilities.

1 free NAB, NCCAP, NCCDP, and/or NCTRC CEU for those who attend the live event

Industry Expert Speaker
IMG_0596 - Marvell Adams


Marvell Adams, Jr.
Founder and CEO of W Lawson


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